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1310 Sq. Ft.

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The Cube house
In this millennial era where everything is overrun by gadgets and everyone is constantly running around, one needs a safe haven that brings positivity and harmony to one’s soul. The client wished for a vastu compliant house. The square being most stable and sacred form in vastu science, we designed the residence around it, and thus the cube house was conceptualized.
The exterior façade with the a basic material palette stands out in the neighborhood with its white textured plaster and brick cladding, The green mezzanine balconies on every floor welcomes the north light into the building and can give you a feeling of being outdoors in this pandemic situation where one cannot enjoy the fresh air and greenery of public gardens.
The stairway and the lift are tucked away in the west side of the apartment aiding the privacy of 2 brothers living on different floors along with saving the living spaces from heating up during the harsh summer days.
The combination of Natural Yellow green Kota-stone flooring and coffered wooden ceiling in the foyer gives you a warm welcome in to the house. A wooden Abacus door opens up into the Living space having an open plan layout which gives an illusion of a larger space with the furniture units acting as space dividers. The Family sitting is a balmy nook for relaxation with brown faux leather sofas facing a simple TV screen with Abstract illustration of the Tree of life as a backdrop.
The Kitchen is done in simple elegant colours, giving a sense of calm while cooking overlooking the dining area. With a Quartz table top the dining table rests in front of a dove grey screen with geometrical flowers imbedded in it.
The master bedroom has a neutral colour scheme inducing a good night’s sleep with added textures to the MDF headboard and wooden paneling imbibed in it. The Plaster panels behind the bed gives an illusion of stone walls. A Carpet of mixed kota-stone done in centre of the Grey Kota Floor connects the Wardrobe and study area with the bed; a pop of green and blue colour scheme in the furniture giving it a fresh feel. The bay windows have been turned in to cozy reading corners.
The Children’s bedroom on the second floor have been given a modern touch by using vibrant colour schemes and statement headboards designed for each bedroom , one with a navy blue giving a beachy feel to the room and the other a with an paneled upholstered headboard.
By the time we reached the home theaters the budget was tight, and the acoustical panels do cost a considerable amount, so we decided to use wooden flooring, full height curtains and coffered wooden ceiling for maximum sound absorption.