Project Area

3429 Sq. Ft.

Project Status


Project Year


Grey Cuboid.

The clients wished for a simple yet elegant place to reside in. This house of 3000sqft.  is conceptualized as a vertical cuboid, with two horizontal planes protruding from the southern façade as a protection against the southern sun. The introduction of Exposed RCC panels adds an industrial character to the exteriors.

The ground floor has a Living dining space and two bedrooms; the second floor identical to the ground floor was designed for the younger brother. The second floor houses a guest bedroom and an open terrace with the solar panels.

To aid the clients love for stone, a variety of stone textures are explored and used in the interiors. The rectangular open plan on either floor is used as a living space and dining area separated by a stone (Name?)  screen which houses TV unit.

The living room with Italian floor and minimalist muted grey Sofas and nesting tables in the centre gives an elegant and calm feel to the entire space. The travertine marble TV screen gives an earthy touch to the space and the blue and yellow open shelves add a pop of colors. The passage way besides the tv screen leads you directly to the Dining space. The Terrazo Kalinga Quartz dining table gracefully sits in front of the statuario screen with Brass inlay pattern. The dining area leads you to the Pristine white modular Kitchen with vertical lines of grey.

Bedroom 1

A wash of warm Led light highlights the Pista colored wall beautifully as a backsplash for the Wooden bed, the insertion of stone panels in the wooden headboard just behind the bedside tables gives a reflection of the Italian marble flooring in the bedroom.

Bedroom 2

The wooden frame around the grey Patterned MDF headboard gives an edgy look to the bed. The similar pattern is engraved in the wooden wardrobe. The grey in the headboard follows the grey veins the marble flooring giving the bedroom an urbane and comfortable feel.